Local Restaurants

Cozumel is filled with wonderful food, and while we hope you will check out our on-site restaurant, we’re also sharing some of our other favourites!

Le Chef

On the corner of avenida 5 and calle 5. Wonderful sidewalk dining; their lobster sandwich is a must have!


On calle 3 between Melgar and avenida 5. Great italian food; the proprietor comes direct from Sicily! Nice wine selection and wonderful ambiance.


On avenida 5 between calle 2 and calle 4


On calle 3 between avenida 5 and avenida 10


On Melgar between calle 10 and calle 12. Excellent full menu with daily specials. Great selection of seafood and pasta dishes. A refreshing backyard feeling!

Casa Mission

At the corner of avenida Juarez and avenida 55. Lovely garden-like atmosphere and amazing coconut shrimp!

Many, many more. Don’t be afraid to try a new place out!