Thanks to Eva, Jorge, Pony, Martin, Jose, Sergio, Gustavo, and EZ as well as all the kind, sweet, wonderful divers we were blessed to spend time with! We stayed and dove over a 7 day period and had an amazing time.

I’d like to give special props to Eva and crew for helping me out during a personal emergency. I arrived on the island suffering form a bout of kidney stones. The pain began during the flight from LAX, and by the second day, I was in unbearable agony. Eva called ahead to the local clinic, and Gustavo drove me to town. He came in with me and made sure we were taken care of, and hung out until he was sure I was in good hands and comfortable. Within minutes the nurses and doctors had me hooked up to an IV and some lovely pain meds. They all spoke english and spent a lot of time with me asking me questions and helping me out. A few hours later I was well hydrated and pain free having endured the passing of a bunch of tiny (sand) stones. Gustavo was there to pick me up and took me to three different Pharmacias to get my meds filled. I would never have gotten that level of service at the local urgent care here in California. I was able to get back to diving after a couple of days, and was just so thankful for the help.

In addition to all of this, I went to the dive shop between my waves of agony, and asked if my 17 year old daughter would be allowed to dive without me if she wanted. They assured me that she would be well looked after. Jorge the DM shook my hand and gave me his personal assurance that he would take care of her!! He, as well as the other great divers on the boat adopted her as their own and showed her a couple of great days of wonderful safe diving – she didn’t even miss me!!!

From the front desk to the end of the dive dock, everyone at BA really makes you feel like family, and we can’t wait to go back! If you want fancy/Disney, or are offended by not having everything be hermetically sealed and fabricated, then you might want to look elsewhere. It’s not the Hyatt, and it’s not trying to be. The road can be noisy, and the doors a bit thin. It could be said that the place is a tad quaint, but for us that is part of the charm! – The owners care, the staff cares, and the people that stay there are some of the sweetest you could hope for. Everyone talks, hangs out and really makes each other feel very loved! Viva la familia Blue Angel!!!