I just returned from my 12th visit to Blue Angel Resort. I’ve been staying there since 2002, back when it was called Caribe Blu, and Hotel Lorena prior to that. The current owners, Robert and Eva have been running it for about 5 years now and I continue to see them upgrading and improving things there. It is a perfect hotel for divers with the dive shop on site. I just can’t say enough positive things about how the guest is treated here. Unlike the all-inclusives, you get to know the other folks staying there, and you’ll get personalized service as needed. Regarding diving: I’ve done over 200 dives with Jorge, a dive master there. He’s got to be in the “top 10″ of knowledgeable dive masters on the island. In my book, he’s #1, but trying to be objective! He will let you dive your own profile, so you don’t have to surface with 1500 psi left in your tank because a new diver sucked down all his air in 15 minutes. I can’t way that of others dive shops. If you are looking for a particular fish or animal, he can find it. Sea horses? No problem! He showed me at least 6 different ones this time. Regarding the rooms, they are nice and clean and the view can’t be beat! I would sit out on the balcony each evening and watch the sunset. Wow. Then I’d go next door and eat a great meal at the restaurant. Again, great view while eating. The shore diving, which is free by the way, is really nice. I see fish and critters on the shore dive that I don’t see on the reef dives. You can make free phone calls on their Magic Jack connection. Free internet. There is so much more I could go on about, so feel free to email with any specific questions.