We booked hotel, diving with them for 3 days the 1st week in December and then liked the staff facility enough we went back for another 4 days a week later. The TripAdvisor rating of 4.5 stars framed in the lobby is accurate. The hotel staff was very helpful and friendly. the room was clean and the view beautiful.
We ate at the restaurant breakfast and lunch and the food was excellent. One of the waiters was grouchy in the am or maybe it was just me and that is my only complaint about staying there. The dive shop is excellent, the equipment was good quality as I rented bcd etc. The boats were fast and we always passed the other boats getting to the reef. The divemasters were friendly and knowledgeable and I did nitrox certification with them.
I will stay with at this hotel and dive with them again next time i go to Cozumel.