The Blue Angel Dive Resort is a place anyone looking for a great vacation spot & relaxing time will enjoy and cherish for a lifetime. This hotel is exclusive, not inclusive… It’s about you rather than 1,000 other people. Mr. Mathew Atkins is by far the best scuba instructor you could ask for. I only wish there were more college professors like him. He is not only incredibly knowledgeable about the sport of scuba, but one of the most patient/calm instructors you could have. His knowledge of the the sport helps put your mind at ease with regard to the dangers of the sport and explains the beauty and joy of what you are about to experience. His patients with learning from a completely inexperienced person wanting to be an open water diver to his unbelievable teaching ability for those who are very unsure about the experience,such as my wife and daughter who experienced a discovery dive while having many apprehensions. The Blue Angel itself is phenomenal. Eva is wonderful and the staff is fantastic. Gabriella/Alex and Sergio just to name a few are awesome. Jorge is a top notch dive master, and last but not least the motorcycle officer that pulled us over in front of the hotel for traveling 5km per hr too fast and asked for “a tip for his service”.