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Blue Angel Resort is all about de-stressing from your usual busy routine.

Hello from Eva Kristine and our wonderful employees. Welcome to the Blue Angel Resort. We are all happy to have you stay with us. If you need anything, Blue Angel´s staff is here to help you. I will be here over most of the year too, but if for some reason I am not, and you need to contact me, I am available at eva.mexico@hotmail.com. If you need to phone home to Canada or the U.S.A., we have a Magicjack phone at reception that is available for guests to connect with their loved ones back home. It is FREE for your use. The downstairs lobby serves coffee in the morning as early as you need it, so don’t be shy, just ask. We love it when you dine with us in our restaurant…. but we also want to introduce you to other places too. We have a list of restaurants that I have enjoyed and a few of the owners have become my good friends. Please ask. Also, Sundays evenings are a lot of fun at the Town Square,why not go down and meet the good people of Cozumel? Massages are available at reasonable rates in your room or by the water. We specialize in assisting our visitors to personally witness the beautiful reefs of Cozumel. The Blue Angel Dive Shop and Scuba School are open and ready to serve. Whether it is booking dives on our boats with the dive shop or booking time to increase dive skills with our Instructors; the Blue Angel team is here for you! Blue Angel is involved with Cozumel´s Community. There are 5 main charities that we support with your help.. 1)We support the PADI PROJECT AWARE PROGRAM, that promotes the health of the world´s marine life and coral reefs. Please see PADI:com for more information. 2)The Cozumel´s turtle research and conservation program. We provide funds and assistance for the research done on the island. Come work with us September through November 15th! 3)D.I.F. is a social program that provides emergency and daily care for low income individuals and families. Blue Angel sponsors 12 beautiful children with daily meals and gifts of love. We also assist with channeling clothing and book donations from our generous guests to the people who need them the most. We are also on the call list for emergency funds and supplies. 4)The local public elders group home on the island. These well deserving people have a lovely building provided by the businesses and good people of the island, but they do not have many extras. Blue Angel will be continually working with the home to provide entertainment, needed equipment and gifts of love for these people who have given all their lives. 5)We sponsor the Blue Angel girls soccer team. Blue Angel is proud to promote sports as a way of life among the young women of Cozumel. Blue Angel also assists many other well deserving programs such as the Humane Society and The Trashy Little Group of Cozumel , to just name a few. It is only with the assistance and love of our guests that Blue Angel Resort is to contribute in this manner, so we owe you a big THANK YOU. Other helpful hints: 1)Check with reception and be informed of taxi costs before you go on your adventures. 2)If you buy something at Mega or Chedraui grocery stores, please tip the person bagging your groceries. These persons are not paid, but subsist on tips. Same with elderly gentleman that offers to load the groceries in your rental car. 3-10 pesos means everything to these people. 3)If you are having a problem with your room or anything at all, tell me. My team and I are at your service. If you don’t see me, I am probably in the on site office or in my home office very close by. Reception will call me for you. You are not bothering me. 4)While you are here,try the Mango Margaritas (also available in non-alcoholic) they are awesome and you are on vacation! 5)Rent a car and see the “other side” of the island. It is very beautiful and safe.The other side has no electricity so no credit cards can be used. 6) Carry some Pesos while visiting our island. Many places will only give you 10 to 1 on U.S. funds, even if the Peso is sitting at 14 to 1. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope it was helpful! Eva Kristine Rasmussen Blue Angel Resort


Do you want an ocean view from your private balcony? Good, because ALL our rooms are ocean view rooms and all of our rooms have private balconies! We are one of the few small hotels on the island that is situated directly on the water and not across the street or further. We feature large, clean rooms each with an ocean view. Free wireless internet is available in the rooms, the lobby and the restaurant. There is a pool, and you just can’t beat our sunsets!

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