Getting Here

Whether you choose to fly into Cancun or Cozumel, there are a few thing that might help your journey run smoothly.


Your first stop after deplaning is Immigration. You will receive an immigration form on the plane; make sure you have your form filled out before getting to the immigration desk. There you will give the officer your passport and immigration form. The officer will mark your immigration visa with a number of days (usually anywhere from 30 to 180) and give a portion of it back to you: Do not lose this form. Stick it in your passport; you’ll need to give it up when you leave the country.


After Immigration you collect your luggage and then move to the x-ray machine where all bags go through the machine. You pick them up on the other end of the machine, then head to the Customs agent. You will be asked to press a button, which will light up either the green portion or the red portion of the sign; if it’s red your bags will be searched. Occasionally your bag may be searched if you get a green light too, but generally if you get a green light you are good to go! Give your customs form to the agent and head into the terminal.

If you’ve flown into Cancun…

In the Cancun airport there are a lot of people willing to help you… Like many people in Mexico, these porters work for tips, and for a dollar or two a bag, they’ll take you to your next transportation. Also note that you cannot take a luggage cart outside, so if you want assistance with your bags, get it in the terminal.

To get to Cozumel from this point, you can take a short flight (check out Mayair), or you can take a bus or taxi to Playa Del Carmen, then take the ferry to Cozumel.

To take the bus, ADO is the company at the airport. Their schedule is here. This will be on a motor coach and the trip will take about 45 minutes. There is a ticket window inside the airport; just go straight ahead once you’ve left those glass doors, and it is right in front of you across the room. As of December 2011, tickets on the ADO bus were $120 pesos to Playa del Carmen (approximately $10), and the bus runs approximately every 70 minutes. You can also take a taxi (various prices) or a collectivo (which is a taxi-van that holds 8 to 10 passengers).

The bus arrives in Playa del Carmen just around the corner from the ferry pier (“muelle” in Spanish). When you get out of the bus, you will likely encounter a fellow with a triciclo to help you move your bags… Use this guy. He will load your stuff in his trike and haul it to the ferry for a bit of money – $1 or $2 per bag is usually good. From the bus terminal, you head about a block toward the ocean, and then take a right until you see the place to buy ferry tickets, and then a left and you’re on the ferry pier, where you wait until the next ferry comes in. If you let the triciclo guy know you want the ferry, he can usually help you with tickets. Note that there are two ferry companies between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. It is best to NOT purchase a round trip ticket, as they are not interchangeable between the companies and there is no price benefit, it just limits your options getting off the island.

Ferry schedules are found here (for Mexico WaterJets) and here (for Ultramar).

You’re almost there! When you get off the ferry in Cozumel, go to the end of the ferry pier, and turn left. There will be a line of taxis there waiting to whisk you away to Blue Angel Resort. Just enjoy the view of the ocean out the right side of the car, and you’ll be there in no time!

If you’ve flown into Cozumel…

When you enter the terminal in Cozumel, there are many people waiting outside the doors to provide transportation. Before you exit the building, turn right and look for the sign that says “Transfers.” There you will buy your ticket for the shuttle to Blue Angel Resort. Do not buy a “round trip” ticket for the transport to the hotel, as there is no such thing!