Contributing to the Cozumel Community

A big thank you to our many guests who buy our t-shirts. Blue Angel Resort takes some of the money and puts it towards either the turtle program, D.I.F. (a social services program) and the local public elderly group home.

The elderly group home wanted to make a social, arts and entertainment room.. it is awfully quiet there.. and visual arts really help stimulate, especially the elderly that may be suffering from dementia…or do not have a lot of family to provide outside entertainment.Blue Angel Helps Out

so, we hit a sale and picked up a larger t.v. and blue ray dvd player, plus a selection of classic movies for them. They were so happy. The group home has two donated televisions, both of which do not work. This contribution will provide some entertainment for everyone!


We are also looking for anyone who has room in their suitcase for maybe drawing/painting paper, pencils, and maybe sealed paints if you are not using them? I will trade for margaritas!?!

Thank you so much everyone! Sometimes I think gifts of love should be given in secret.. but we would not be able to help out like we can, if it were not for all of you, so I think it only fair you know that YOU ALL MADE A DIFFERENCE!!

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  1. Brad says:

    Potential guests we styaed in the penthouse many years ago on one of our many stays in Mexico. To this day, it is one of our all-time favorite places we’ve ever styaed. I am sad to hear that you may be enclosing the room and adding a/c. One of the parts we loved most was the lack of windows and screens. We had birds and cats visiting throughout our stay. We enjoyed the fresh air. We enjoyed hearing the music and sounds of life of the neighborhood. I am now tempted to change our current vacation plans this fall and head back to Amaranto before it’s charm is lost!p.s. The place still looks fabulous!

  2. Leatitia says:

    Hello Felix. There is a bungalow with one king size bed and one big alcvoe capable of sleeping all the children. The Penthouse has also two beds. One is a king and the other is a queen. There, you could sleep 2 adults in the king and 2 adults in the queen.The rate is 65 in the penthouse and 61 in the bungalow, but there is a charge of 10 dollars for each additional adult after 2 in each room, and of 6 dollars per children. Breakfast is included and also taxes.With my best regards.Jorge.

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